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1. Definitions.

Being transparent is key at Here are some explanations of some terms used throughout the Rules. "Bonus" shall cover all promotional offers that gift a tangible reward, including but not limited to: welcome offers, reload bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins, free bets, and safe bets."Games" are Casino, Live Casino, Sportsbook and any other games on Our Site (including mobile or any other platform) and ’Game’ can mean any one of them. We can remove or add Games to the Site at any time. "Rules" are these terms, conditions and regulations which You agree to when using the Site.

"Site" and “Website” www.--.com, and including, if applicable, any mobile and mobile application version thereof or any other subdomains of '--.com'. "We", "Us", "Our" The Site is run by LVC Holdings N.V., a company registered in Curacao, "You" is you using the Site.“Your” has its usual meaning in relation to you. "Your Account" is your player account on the Site. "Totalisator" (also "Tote") refers to the betting pool usually operated by the race organiser, which forms the basis of the odds calculation (also known as pari-mutuel betting).

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